Lycon Waxing



Lycon Precision Waxing is not just a wax, it’s a world renowned system with a celebrity following due to the fabulous results. Lycon hot wax is used at a very low melting temperature and is applied thickly to a perfectly cleansed skin. This unique wax formula shrink wraps around the hair as it dries enabling hairs as short as 1mm to be successfully removed virtually pain free.

No more growing your hairs ready for your next treatment! Sessions can be as regular as every 3 weeks due to the ability to treat such short hairs.

All of our team at Utopia are trained in the advanced virtually pain-free Lycon techniques which ensures total discreet and hygienic protection.

The Brazilian and Hollywood wax is now a MUST HAVE treatment.
Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Millie Driver, to name but a few, are avid fans due to no more hair breakage, ingrown hairs, bruising, redness or painful sting associated with other waxes. The treatment leaves the skin smooth and soft immediately. No more lumps and bumps or blood spots!

Lip or Chin               
Lip & Chin               
Eyebrow & Lip               
Full Arm Wax               
Half Arm               
* Bikini               
* GString               
* Brazilian               
* Hollywood               
Full Leg & Bikini               
Full Leg & Hollywood/Brazilian               
Full Leg               
Half Leg               
Half Leg & Bikini               
Half Leg Brazilian/Hollywood               
3/4 Leg Wax               
Side Face               
Full Face               

* Please ask for an explanation of the differentials in the bikini waxing
Wax Treatments

Wax Treatments


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